Quinta da Roma has 7 suites in 3 independent houses:
- 1 Grandparents house – 1 suite
- 2 Compadres House – 2 suites
- 3 Family House – 4 suites
You will find as well a totally fenced pool 4 and a barbeque area 5, among others.
Have fun exploring.

Grandparent’s houseBack

Grandparent’s house has a spacious suite, as well as a small kitchenette, being usually the quietest house of Quinta da Romã.

The small window, usually with a flowered vase, gladdes anyone who passes by!


It features a TV, air conditioning and wi-fi access.


Compadres’ HouseBack

Compadres’ House has two suites: the first, with a large window of access to the outside, offers an especially large and comfortable bathroom; the second suite features the bed on a picturesque mezzanine, with a small living room and bathroom on the lower floor. Alongside the suites, you have a comfortable fully equipped kitchenette.


It features a TV, air conditioning and wi-fi access.


Family’s HouseBack

The Family House, the one that brings together the group’s fuss, features four luxurious suites.
The living room, ideal for a good reading at the end of the day, has comfortable sofas and a fireplace for the coldest winter days.
Also, the elegant dining room, icon of Quinta da Pomegranate, features a huge rustic-chic wooden table, as well as a swing that makes the delights of anyone.

The large kitchen, fully equipped, allows moments of pleasant culinary sharing.
And now a bonus: this house has a splendid solarium, being one of the best places for a pleasant conversation on winter days.


It features a TV, air conditioning and wi-fi access.


The PoolBack

Enjoy our huge swimming pool, about 12 meters long, 8 meters wide and maximum about 2 meters deep.
For your convenience, and because at Quinta da Romã we care about the maximum safety standards, the surrounding area of the pool is fenced to prevent access by the little ones and animals.
The surrounding area is grassy and with shade of palm trees that give an exotic atmosphere to Quinta da Romã.


The BarbecueBack

The site of the union of all in Quinta da Romã at meal times: count on a long wooden table, with capacity for about 20 people, near the barbecue, and with a stunning view to the property.


The OrchardBack

Feel at home and try all our fruit!

Quinta da Romã is proud of offering you the best nature is offering us.

In our orchard – during all the seasons – you will probably find pomegranates, oranges, tangerines, figs, peaches, apples, avocados, apricots, grapes, lemons, sloes, persimmons, among many more!


PS: The clients of Quinta da Romã should feel free to take fruit during their stay to consume on the property.


Meadows and “Eira” for the songsBack

Stroll through the praetors of Quinta da Romã and feel the beauty of nature at any time of the year.

Discover the nooks and crannies of our farm, including Eira das Cantigas. Being an old drying point of cereals, it serves as a “stage” for the little ones.

Don’t miss the opportunity to observe the unique starry sky of southern Portugal.


The highest pointBack

The highest point of Quinta da Romã is a high with a beautiful view over the plains and Algarve mountains.

Take a walk to this highest point and, if you are in special company, enjoy the spectacle that is the sunrise and sunset of a hot summer day.

Note: Try to find the small marine fossils on the stone bank up there!



If you go to Quinta da Pomegranate in your own car, we inform you that we have 4 parking spaces covered.