Quinta da Romã logotipo

Quinta da Romã, where peace and conviviality live in harmony


In Moncarapacho since 2014, the farm is full of trails to explore, unmissable views and places you won’t forget.

The Algarve is full of wonderful places, whether beaches that look like something out of a movie, caves with natural pools and history printed on the walls, or islands brimming with wildlife. But there is a side of this paradise in the south of our country that does not always receive the value it deserves: the countryside and the life that lives in it.

One of these special places is Quinta da Romã, located in the interior of the Algarve, in Moncarapacho, in the Olhão area, with its orchards and trails in the heart of nature.

There are seven hectares of nature and there are areas where it is very virgin, so it is common to see partridges, rabbits and other wild animals passing through the property”, Helena Miranda, one of the owners, tells PiT. “Guests usually like to have breakfast on the porch and it’s normal to be visited by the animals. The stars there are chameleons. Two or three appear every year. They are more exotic animals than we are used to seeing in Portugal, so it is always fun to see them”, she concludes.

But these are not the only animals that have the right to enjoy all the space that the property has to offer. Your best friend is also extremely welcome. And he doesn’t pay anymore. “For us, animals are part of the family. We have our own animals that go with us everywhere, so it was a non-decision. It was only natural that they could also come and it didn’t make sense to be any other way”, explains the owner.

The pool is fenced with big dogs in mind. “As there are children who are not used to having a swimming pool, there are animals who have never seen one either”, says Helena. Therefore, she does not need to worry if she decides to release her four-legged companion. And she must do it. So much space to run and play is every animal’s dream.

The accommodation part of the farm is divided into three houses, made up of seven suites in total, and there are two accommodation models. The complete farm model, which costs €3,850 per week, and the rental model for just one of the houses, with prices starting at €555 per week.

Space for the big dog to run freely

“The complete farm model, in which groups or families rent the entire space, is our preferred model. We have a barbecue, swimming pool, and we invite guests to pick fruit in our orchard”, says the owner. The model is available all year round for a maximum of 14 people and in July and August it is always full. “In the other model, one of the houses is reserved and the outdoor spaces are shared with the other guests.” This model is also available all year round, except for the months of July and August.

When you arrive at the farm you will have a welcome basket waiting for you. Here you can find various local products, such as wine, and also a snack as a gift for your best friend.

By renting just one of the houses, you still have the freedom to let your pet loose. The only thing they ask of you is to use your good sense. “If it is a destructive animal, we hope that the owners know not to release it”, says Helena, adding, with a laugh: “Nowadays people are aware of the animals they have at home and we have never had any problems. Let’s hope it stays that way.”

The farm started out as a family retreat, but later, the owners realized that more people were looking for a place like this to escape the stress of everyday life. After all, there aren’t much better places to relax. “Normally, grandparents want to go to bed earlier and like to have their privacy, and at the same time, anyone who wants can get together in other spaces and be comfortable without disturbing the elders”, says Helena, showing this perfect balance between peace and conviviality that this place provides.

In the middle of such a spectacular property, where, despite your whole family being there, you can have moments of privacy and peace, it is amazing that there is a special place.

The swimming pool, the orchard full of fresh fruit waiting to be picked, the barbecue and the wonderful sunsets are more than enough to call this property a paradise. However, there is Eira das Cantigas. “We named the space based on the good times we spent there as a family. That threshing floor was a place where people got together and sang, danced and talked. It’s a stage for good times”, says the owner, longing to return there.

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