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Your pets love it here

If they are part of the family, why not to bring them?

We know that if you are reading this part of our website it is because we have something in common: we see our pets as family members, and for that reason we make it a point to bring them with us on vacation.

At Quinta da Romã we are proud to be pet friendly!

When booked in exclusivity (the entire Quinta), animals are free to roam the property without any restrictions. The property is fully fenced, as is the pool area.

Upon arrival you can count on:
– Fresh water bowl and food bowl;
– Specific towel for hair drying;
– A little treat (snack).

Let's all preserve this space

We count on the common sense of our guests to keep the entire Quinta in its original condition, without suffering any damage from the animal or its owners.

Please check our Pet Friendly Regulations here.

Happy owners and happy pets!