Grandparent’s house

Are you going to stay in Casa dos Avós (Grandparents’ house)? Congratulations, you just got the cozier and most pleasant house!  The Grandparent’s house is defined by offering privacy and serenity of those who stay there. You are going to have a small entrance hall, a comfy double bed and a private bathroom. The small window, normally with a vase of flowers, shares happiness with everybody who walks around there.

This house is equipped with air conditioning.

Compadre’s House

Welcome to the Compadres’ House!

This pleasent house presents two bedrooms, both with double beds. It has one bathroom. Additionally, you are going to have a completely equipped kitchen (oven, stove, fridge, cutlery, glasses and dishes) and a comfortable and colorful restroom, with direct access to the barbecue area.

Equipped with air conditioning.


Family’s House

Family’s house: The one which gets together all the happiness of a united family.

Two bedrooms with double bed, one of them with bathroom, and two more rooms with two individual beds, each.

Despite the bathroom for the double bed room, the Family’s House has additionally more two bathrooms totally equipped.

The living room, perfect for a great book reading at the end of the day, has comfortable sofas and a fire place for the Winter cold days.

Additionally, the Family’s house has a dinning room with a dinning table, sofas and television, as well as a totally equipped kitchen (oven, stove, fridge, cutlery, glasses and dishes).

And now the bonus: this house counts with an splendid solarium, being one of the most pleasant places for great chitchat during Winter days.


Equipped with air conditioning.


The Pool

The pool is the favourtie place for everybody! For your convenience, e because we take care about our clients security, all the pool zone is completely sealed for prevention of non-adverted access by the kids.

Our pool, with 40ft x 26ft and maximum of 6.5ft depth offers many resting chairs and some sun umbrellas.

The pool’s surrounding area is lawned and has the shadows of high palm trees, which gives and exotic ambiance to Quinta da Romã.


The Barbecue

The place where all the Quinta da Romã’s inhabitants get reunited at the meal time: ther eyou can find a long table for around 20 people, close to the barbecue. Try the fabulous fresh fish in the barbecue from the Portuguese seas!


The Orchard

Feel at home and try all our fruit!

Quinta da Romã is proud of offering you the best nature is offering us.

In our orchard – during all the seasons – you will probably find pomegranates, oranges, tangerines, figs, peaches, apples, avocados, apricots, grapes, lemons, sloes, persimmons, among many more!


PS: The clients of Quinta da Romã should feel free to take fruit during their stay to consume on the property.


“Eira” for the songs

Being a traditional place for drying cereals in the sun, we transformed our eira in the “Eira for the songs”! It serves as a stage for the kids to sing their favourite songs: come with all the group and amuse yourself in the warm Summer nights of Algarve, remembering the times where there was no television and when the moonlight enlighten all the fields with a singular light. Do not loose the chance of observing the wonderful unique starry Portuguese sky.


The highest point

The highest point of Quinta da Romã is a place with a wonderful landscape for the Algarvian plains and mountains. Go for a walk until this highest point and, in case you are with a special friend, enjoy the brilliant sunset in a warm Summer end of the day.


PS: Try to find the little marine fossils!


In the case you come to Quinta da Romã in a vehicle, we inform you we offer a garage for four cars for your convenience.

Docwings, Lda.